Anna Sofia Nord is a Swedish pianist and composer based in Örebro, Sweden. Born into a musical family, she started playing the piano at a young age. Some of her earliest memories include her mother and twin sister sitting together with her in front of the old family piano picking out melodies. She later continued with formal musical education and graduated eventually from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Coming from a primarily Afro - American musical background, improvisation has always been a big part of her creative process. An emotion or a feeling is often used as a base for her music. Her musical style is characterized by a deep sense of melody rooted in the nordic tonal language with a hint of melancholy added.

She started to release her own solo piano music 2018 and have since then released two self-relased full albums, and a few singles. Together with the Dutch label ANDANTE PIANO she has released a well recieved EP (Moments) and singles. Her music has been included in several editorial playlists on a number of streaming platforms worldwide.